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Wild Pines Train Set


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“All aboard!” We parents understand how crucial it is to encourage our children to experience the great outdoors. The 30-piece railroad set is, therefore, perfect for young explorers.

Your child can create imaginative layouts and stories with all the different pieces. This set comes with an engine and three carriages, a logging truck hauling nine long logs, a rotating loader vehicle, a pile of logs with a sleeping bear, a lake with magnetised boulders and a large bear, a track section with three rotating fir trees, four cut timber logs, and a tree nursery with six detachable trees.

With rotating fir trees, a loader vehicle, and a bear fishing in the lake, this train set will surely capture your child’s imagination while they learn about the beauty of nature. Load up logs and timber magnetically with the rotating loader vehicle and load one of the back carriages. Create an adventurous world in your own home with this fun and interactive train set! Your child can play with friends while learning about nature, animals, and forestry.

Let your child’s creativity run wild; they’ll love designing their own routes and playing out different scenarios with this train set. Ideal for hours of amusement and play-based learning! Get your 30-piece train set today and get ready to explore the great outdoors!

*This item comes in a 94 x 63 x 16 cm, colour-illustrated box that was made with children ages 3 and up in mind. Children three years old and older can use the product.


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