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The Tenderleaf Farm


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Welcome to the Tenderleaf Farm! Planet Apple is proud to bring you a fun, interactive way for your little ones to explore the world of farming.

Crafted with sustainable rubber wood and responsibly sourced plywood, coloured with non-toxic colours and presented in an illustrated colour box, the Tenderleaf Farm toy set will provide hours of playtime entertainment. This toy farm features a barn with barn doors and a feeding trough, two stables with opening doors, a ladder leading up to a hay loft, a pulley system with magnetic ends to lift hay bales, a cowshed with feeding compartments, four fences, a stile, three hay bales, two geese, two horses, a grain trough, an animal feeding trough, and even more fun features!

Let your children experience the joys of running their farm through imaginative playtime! With this Tenderleaf Farm toy set, they can feed animals from the feeding troughs or take care of their horses in the stables. They can also use the pulley system to move hay bales around or even try their hand at beekeeping by taking care of the beehive! This toy farm set has everything; there’s so much to explore! Why not let them explore with their friends? They are sure to have the best time playing together.

So don’t wait any longer—grab your Tenderleaf Farm today and let your kids explore the wonders of farming without ever leaving home!

*All this comes in one set measuring 51 x 38.5 x 22 cm—perfect for children aged three and up.


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