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The Stables


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With two horses, a hay bale, and plenty of grooming tools, your children will have hours of fun caring for their ponies with this working stable set.

This set is unmatched in its level of attention to detail. Each horse is created with realism, and the accessories look authentic. Your kids will feel like a real stable hand with the saddle, brush, and bucket with a cleaning sponge! Your kids can learn about the responsibility of caring for animals with the help of this functional stable set. They can better understand how to feed and care for their ponies with the aid of the hay bale, blanket, and nose bag that are included. They can also use the spade and broom to clean up after themselves once they’ve finished their chores.

This set is presented in an illustrated colour box, making it an ideal gift for children. They will be delighted to open their box and discover the treasures inside. Imagine their delight as they create a world of their own with this miniature furniture and accessories. The possibilities are endless! Not only are they captivating, but they are also durable and long-lasting. Your children will enjoy playing with these pieces for years to come. This set is good for pretend play and creative storytelling, and the imaginations of your children will be limitless. Imaginative play is good for your child to grow and develop their social skills. These skills are vital as they grow up and learn to interact with other children their age.

Don’t pass up this wonderful chance to teach your kids about animal care! They will be able to enjoy all the benefits of pony ownership without having to leave the house, thanks to this working stable set. Purchase yours now!

*This stable set is suitable for children aged three and up and measures 18.7 x 14.3 x 18 cm.

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