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Santa’s Midnight Sleigh Ride Eco-Friendly Playset


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Planet Apple offers a delightful Christmas surprise for young children with the Santa’s Midnight Sleigh Ride Eco-Friendly Playset from PlayPress.

This delightful pop-out, build, and play set allows your child to embark on a fantastic winter sleigh ride with Santa and his friends. The set features Santa and his eco-friendly sleigh, equipped to deliver gifts around the world. It fosters imagination and creativity by enabling children to design their own Christmas experiences with Santa and his sleigh. The possibilities are endless, from soaring through icy skies to delivering presents to the North Pole. The set offers limitless opportunities for imagination, with adjustable and connectable parts that provide a unique and exciting playtime experience every time. The lightweight, flat-pack packaging is travel-friendly and avoids bulky plastic and complicated setup, making it easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Moreover, the sets are manufactured in the UK using playboard, a compostable material made from wood pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests. This sustainable and durable playset is an excellent alternative to traditional toys, providing a fun and eco-friendly way to celebrate the festive season. With 42 pieces to build and play with, this eco-friendly playset is an excellent gift for children ages 4 and 8. The product dimensions are 19.4cm x 18.1cm x 1.3cm, and it weighs 150g, making it easy to carry around and play with wherever you go. The Santa’s Midnight Sleigh Ride Eco-Friendly Playset is an excellent addition to our range of toys, and we are confident that your child will love it.

Planet Apple is committed to providing high-quality and innovative toys for young children. Order now and let your child experience a sustainable and creative Christmas adventure with Santa and his eco-friendly sleigh!

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