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Bird’s Nest Café


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Are you ready to become the proud owner of your very own toy café? Introducing the Bird’s Nest Café from Planet Apple!

This delightful pretend play set is designed to let your child’s imagination run wild with hours of fun and learning through pretend play. With its fresh colour palette and gender-neutral design, this café is perfect for multiple children to play at once and great for developing fine motor skills. Gain the attention of your friends with this amazing Bird’s Nest Café. Get ready to be intrigued by the endless possibilities for creative storytelling that it brings, as well as all the different things to see and do. The front-and-back play feature means hours of fun for all. Grab your child’s attention with this creative storytelling toy to boost their fine motor skills. Your little ones will be able to Ignite their imaginations and develop important social skills while playing with their friends at the Bird’s Nest Café.

They can learn how to make delicious meals and treats with all these pieces and practise number recognition and sequencing. Curious to know more? We know you are interested in how your child can benefit from this wonderful experience! Not only will they learn through pretend play, but they will also get to practise their fine motor skills while having a blast. This set includes a panini toaster, five different coloured coffee pods, two clacking dials, a milk jug and steamer spout, two cups, two plates, one potholder, a knife, a fork, and a spoon, sugar cubes in a dish, and a chocolate shaker. It also includes 2 coffee discs and 3 different toppings; 3 flavourful tea bags in fabric packs; and 1 sandwich, 2 paninis, 3 pastries, and 2 cupcakes, plus a sheet of menu stickers.

So why not indulge in this unique pretend-play experience? Order your Bird’s Nest Café from Planet Apple today and watch as your child’s imagination comes alive!

*This café is suitable for children aged 3 years and older and has a product size of 50.2 x 13.5 x 27.2 cm. It also comes presented in an illustrated colour box.


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