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Barefoot Frog Prince


Handmade Barefoot Frog Prince Soft Toy

A handsome fair trade and eco-friendly, loveable soft toy The Frog Prince, made from 100% hand-loomed cotton

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If you buy one of these chaps as a present, beware, you might fall in love with him yourself and not be able to give him away.  With his check suit and jaunty crown (which he even wears in bed) he is irresistible.

Designed by the talented artist Barbara Sansoni and handmade in the Barefoot artisan workshops in Sri Lanka, Barbara has been working with rural communities for 40 years.  Barefoot designers draw their inspiration from the vibrant colours found in the natural world around them.  Their gorgeous toys are made by one local artisan from start to finish in small village workshops and Barefoot Toys are certified by the British Association for Fair Trade Shops.

Every toy is washable and bears the CE mark, meeting EU and UK Standards and made from 100% hand loomed cotton and stuffed with kapok.

Eco-friendly Cibacron F/FN Swiss dyes

Safe for every age and designed to last.

Size:  16 cm x 18 cm

Each Frog Prince is totally unique, therefore we cannot guarantee what colour your own Prince might be.


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