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Amelie Rag Doll 35cm


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Are you looking for a special companion for your little one? Meet Amelie, the sassy and charismatic rag doll! Adorned with beautiful fabrics, she is soft and robust and a stunning sight to behold.

Add a little sparkle to your child’s room with this one-of-a-kind pretty rag doll! She’s sassy and charismatic, with fabulous blonde hair and a penchant for all things pink and fluffy. Her style will make heads turn with her beautiful pink cross-over cardigan and a netting tutu skirt with pom poms. All of her clothes are also removable, offering infinite styling possibilities for fun and creative play so that your child can mix and match them however they’d like. It’s a great way to spark their imagination and help them develop their unique sense of style.

The Amelie Ballerina Rag Doll is an adorable doll that promotes imaginative play and encourages children to be creative. adorned with a beautiful pink tutu. Not only does this doll promote creativity and imaginative play, but it also develops fine motor skills. This delightful rag doll is a beautiful toy that will bring joy to any child. With her soft, plush body and colourful tutu skirt, she makes an eye-catching addition to any playroom! Her unique features include movable arms and legs, so children can pose her in different ballet moves. The Amelie Ballerina Rag Doll is sure to be a favourite among little ones and is sure to become the most treasured toy in any child’s collection.

Crafted from the most gorgeous fabrics, she’s both soft and robust! Make Amelie part of your family today—she’ll be sure to bring lots of love and happiness!

*The Amelie Ballerina Rag Doll is suitable for ages three and up and measures 13 x 11 x 35 cm.


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