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Unicorn Dash – Marble Ball Game


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Introducing the enchanting Unicorn Dash – Marble Ball Game from The Toy Tribe, presented by Planet Apple. This spellbinding, STEM-inspired game is the ultimate family fun activity, perfect for unicorn aficionados of all ages!

Enter a world of magical adventures and ignite your competitive spirit as you race to win the coveted pot of gold. Unicorn Dash combines exciting gameplay and educational value to enhance creative thinking and motor skills in children aged 4 and above. The game is constructed from eco-friendly, recyclable, reinforced double-strength cardboard, making it as environmentally friendly as it is entertaining. With a mesmerising unicorn-themed backdrop, your family will be captivated and eager to take part in this delightful challenge. Imagine the joy of assembling your very own Unicorn Dash in under 20 minutes without the need for scissors, tools, or glue.

The game includes 19 card pieces, two wooden dowels, and up to four elastic bands, offering endless entertainment for the whole family. Enjoy the satisfaction of launching marbles into action, scoring points, and competing against your loved ones. Who will be crowned the ultimate Unicorn Dash champion and claim the pot of gold? Experience the thrill of this innovative, eco-friendly game and cherish the laughter-filled moments with your family. Trust Planet Apple and the Toy Tribe to deliver a product that truly brings joy, wonder, and a touch of magic into your home. Don’t let the magic slip away!

Order the enchanting Unicorn Dash – Marble Ball Game today and let the captivating adventures begin. Secure your Unicorn Dash now and prepare for hours of unforgettable family fun!

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