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Dinosaur Roar 4 in 1 Puzzle


4 in 1 Jigsaw Puzzle

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If your little one loves the Dinosaur Roar book or is a fan of the Jurassic age then this super puzzle set is a must! Created to entertain and engage children aged three years and up, the Dinosaur Roar 4-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzle stars an array of characters from the popular Dinosaur Roar book. Each of the four bright and bold puzzles are fun, colourful and great for independent and group play for both boys and girls.

The 24 piece puzzle Dinosaur Roar puzzle measures 280mm x 140 mm, the largest puzzle in the box, and stars six different dinosaurs all busy with various activities including eating lush vegetation!

The 20-piece Dinosaur Roar puzzle measure 190mm x 140mm and features a large dark green dinosaur with a brightly coloured bird flying above him and a tiny green dinosaur standing underneath him.

The 16-piece Dinosaur Roar puzzle, which is the same dimensions as the 20-piece puzzle, depicts a huge brown dinosaur who looks as though he’s roaring at a tiny green dinosaur looking up at him.

The 12-piece Dinosaur Roar puzzle, which measures 190mm x 140mm, is a calmer scene showing a pale blue and pink dinosaur walking among the palm trees.

The Dinosaur Roar 4-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzle is presented in a sturdy illustrated box and is a great birthday or Christmas gift, or for banishing boredom in the school holidays. If the Puzzles are a roaring success then try the Dinosaur Roar Memory Card Game and the 24 Piece Floor Puzzle.

Contents: 4 in 1 puzzle, a 12 piece, 16 piece, 20 piece and 24 piece puzzle in one box.

Age 3+


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