Boikido ABC Cubes – Cubes Alphabet 28 pcs

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Boikido ABC Cubes – Cubes Alphabet 28 blocks

Includes capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, and shapes.

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Wooden blocks made by award winning French toy maker Boiko. This set of 28 cubes painted in gorgeous colours, has upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and shapes.

A traditional first toy, these blocks will help your child’s developmental skills. As building blocks making constructions and towers will develop motor skills. They will start to recognise different colours. As they grow older, they will be a useful aid in learning to spell and count and recognise letters and numbers.

Made from wood. these blocks are tactile and made to last. Wooden toys can be passed on other siblings or given away for other children to enjoy.

Upper and lower case letters

Numbers 1 – 28

Shapes and symbols

Age 18 months +


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