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Unicorn Colour-In 3D Mask Card Craft


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Are you looking for a way to unleash your child’s creativity and imagination? Look no further than the unicorn colour in 3D mask card crafting!

This incredible kit allows your child to personalise, build, and play in a world of fantasy and make-believe. This 3D mask is the perfect way to engage your child’s love of arts and crafts while immersing them in a world of fantasy and role play and allowing them to explore their creativity and imagination in a whole new way. Your child will love being able to build their own mask and make it the centrepiece of a whole new role-play costume. With the colour in version, they can personalise the mask to their liking or follow the suggested colours. The kit is easy to use, and with just a few simple steps, they can become immersed in a world of fantasy and make-believe.

This kit perfectly combines two favourite play activities: arts and crafts and dressing up. It’s a super fun activity for kids to make a card-craft head mask. With the unicorn colour in the 3D mask card craft, your child’s imagination will flourish as they create their own unique fantasy world. Don’t wait; get this 3D mask today! This craft set is perfect for kids aged 5 and up, and it comes with everything they need to make a full-head 3D mask costume. It’s perfect for dressing-up games, fancy dress parties, and any other occasion where your child wants to let their imagination run wild.

The kit is made of durable reinforced card, so it can withstand hours of playtime. With a size of 18 x 44 cm and four pieces, this kit will provide hours of fun for your child. Order now and give your child the gift of creativity and imagination!

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