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Fiesta Craft Children’s Fabric Star Reward Chart


Fabulous Fabric Wallchart from Fiesta Crafts

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This fabric embroidered Star Chart is a lovely wall hanging, which can take pride of place on any wall in the home. Encourages good behavior and teaches children to take responsibilities. Both the embroidered pieces and the wall chart have a soft cushiony feel making it very tactile. This wall chart is long lasting and can be handed down to other children. Spare pieces are available if any get lost.

74 pieces
Rewards good behaviour
20 Activity Cards
10 Reward Cards
Blank cards to create your own rewards
Bright Colours
Recommended age: 3+years
Size: 42 cm x 54 cm (16.5 in x 21 in)

Since 1990, Fiesta Crafts have been designing and manufacturing special toys which help in the important development of physical and mental skills with educational value. Fiesta Crafts was the first company to be awarded a Good Toy Guide Endorsement and many of their toys have won prestigious awards


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