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EUGY Unicorn


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Build your own unique 3D craft collectable unicorn with intricate details. This product is made from eco-friendly, biodegradable card and printed with natural ink, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

Discover fun and educational facts while building this charming keepsake, perfect for kids to treasure. This collectable unicorn toy is a unique animal figure that will captivate young children. It was designed and patented in New Zealand, representing originality and an eco-friendly approach. The non-toxic glue makes the construction process easy by assembling the pieces in numerical sequence, meaning even young children can easily build it.

This unicorn is an incredibly versatile and popular toy, making it the perfect addition to any gift shop, toy store, or another similar establishment. With its vibrant colours and whimsical design, this unicorn will surely capture the attention of children and adults alike, providing hours of entertainment and imaginative play. Not only is the unicorn a fun and engaging toy, but it also serves as an educational tool, teaching children about the importance of sustainability and the environment. It is a must-have for any store or attraction, from garden centres to aquariums, zoos, and museums.

Planet Apple is committed to providing high-quality and innovative toys for young children. This unicorn is part of a set of 3D animals to collect. Why not collect them all and explore the magical world of 3D animal crafts?

*The finished model’s size is 71 x 44 x 80 mm.

NOTE: The product photograph above is for guide purposes only. Please refer to the image icons and product details for the exact product configuration.


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