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Planet Apple proudly presents a unique 3D craft collectable: the Sloth! This beautifully detailed animal figure is made from an environmentally friendly, biodegradable card and printed with natural, eco-friendly ink.

It comes with fun educational facts, making it a treasured keepsake for kids of all ages. Assembly of the sloth takes between 10 and 20 minutes, with the pieces being glued together in numerical sequence. The numbered pieces can be assembled using non-toxic glue to bring the animal to life. It is an ideal addition to toy and gift shops, garden centres, aquariums, zoos, museums, and all other visitor attractions. This miniature sloth figure’s simplified yet adorable design will surely capture anyone’s heart.

Building a collection of these figures is easy and fun! The Sloth is designed in New Zealand and patented to ensure its originality. The Sloth is perfect for young children who love to learn and create. It promotes design, ecology, and originality. Planet Apple is committed to providing high-quality, innovative toys that children will love. The Sloth is a product you can feel good about buying, as it is made from environmentally friendly materials and promotes education.

So why not add the Sloth to your child’s collection? Collect them all and create a delightful menagerie of animal figures that will bring joy to your child’s life. Order your Sloth today from Planet Apple!

*The finished model size is 109 x 41 x 64 mm.

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