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Colour In Easter Tablecloth


This is captivating fun, everyone will want to help

3 – 99 yrs

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This colour in Easter tablecloth is as simple as it sounds but with a practical twist. Large enough to cover the table and use as a covering for family meals and enough detail to keep the children and adults busy for quite sometime.

This could be used to entertain younger ones whilst actually eating and they get to ‘colour in while you eat’ or as a rainy day activity or simple some quality family time fun. This can be as vibrant or as subtle as you like. It could be used as a special occasion table cloth once done such as Sunday lunch or picnic.

Having ‘played’ with these colour in tablecloths ourselves we can speak from experience and admit this activity is slightly addictive, once you’ve done one item it leads to another and another and before long an hour has flown by. We found this a very relaxing ‘family fun’ activity and everyone joined in- all ages. Only requirement is being able to hold a pen, what type and colour is up to you.

The variations are endless and your table cloth will always be unique because you made it


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