The thing your child will enjoy most is spending time with you and playing games in a relaxed way without any specific result in mind apart from the joy of having fun together, is an excellent way to achieve this.  The added bonus is that playing traditional games and board games teaches your child specific skills to keep them one step ahead at school as well as social skills. Different games can benefit different cognitive skills and of course you are storing up wonderful memories for them to cherish as adults.

Developmental Skills

  • Hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity
  • Recognising letters and help with reading skills
  • Colours and visual perception
  • Helps them to recognise numbers and shapes, counting

Social Skills

  • Verbal communication
  • The ability to share, wait and take turns
  • Interacting with others
  • Help with attention span by complete a fun game

As they get older children have to learn about social boundaries, teaching them boundaries by playing board games when they are very young will help them to learn to live in our complex society and become more organized, mature and socially acceptable young people.  Additionally they will learn that when it looks like they are losing things can change in an instant, so teaches them never to give up and to keep hoping that their luck will change.


Whilst it is acceptable to allow a child to feel good by helping them to win a game, eventually they must realize that you are making special rules for them and that they need to understand the concept of fair play and that it’s OK to lose.

There are many great games for the whole family to join in, why not have a family games night on a regular basis not just on special occasions like Christmas when families traditionally get together.