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Spend Less - Gain More

Saturday, 5 January 2019  |  Admin

Whilst it might seem a strange thing for a toy seller to say but buying your children less can really benefit them in the long run.  I recently came across a wonderful article written by best selling author Joshua Becker on this very subject and his arguments are very sound. 

A recent TV programme featuring children aged four to six playing with different toys to see which came out on top, the empty cardboard box came in a respectable third on the list of ten.  Surely this must tell us something, that leaving kids on their own without toys, they soon learn to be creative with what they find around them.

Read the article ‘Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Kids’ here.

As we at Planet Apple sell a range of traditional toys, I find myself in numerous discussions with people about the toys which they played with as children and the memories they evoked.   As a lot of these toys were wooden and therefore last a long time, I always ask if they still have them and the sad answer is usually, ‘Oh no, Mum had a clear out when I was older, leaving home or going off to university’.  So I am making a plea here, just because your son or daughter clearly states ‘no I don’t want that anymore’ they might regret it when they are older and with a family of their own.  Hang on to the toys they loved and bring them out again when the grandchildren come to visit.  It won’t only be the little ones who will be pleased!

Here are a few ideas from us as to what might make it onto the list of family favourites.


Le Toy Van Café Machine - This cool coffee maker has won a Progressive Preschool Award, is ethically produced from eco-friendly wood.

Janod Desk and Chair - French in design but traditional and will be just as cool in 20 years time, this quality desk and chair will come apart for easy storage and can easily be assembled again when needed – just don’t throw out the box!


Lanka Kade Wooden Jigsaws - This wonderful range of jigsaws made in fair trade workshops, will never go out of fashion and range from simple three pieces to the more complex alphabet or numbers one to ten. Educational and fun and lots of different animals to learn and talk about.


Rainbow Noah’s Ark - A gorgeous traditional Noah’s Ark which will look as good on the shelf as it will in the toy cupboard.

Classic World 2 in 1Pound and Tap Bench - The classic pound and tap plus turn it upside down and you have a xylophone to make musical sounds.  Twice the fun!


Barefoot Thorny Devil - Made in Sri Lanka and will withstand the toughest play dates this chap can be put in the washing machine time after time.  When they are too old to play with it, it will look great on the shelf.



Zoo Building Blocks - Fair Trade with lots of Zoo animals to teach them about.


Bertie’s Tractor - A tractor and trailer which will never go out of fashion in a rich, bright, eye-catching red, complete with Farmer Bertie