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Party Bag Ideas

Tuesday, 19 July 2016  |  Admin

Party Bags have become a necessary ingredient of the annual birthday party, a craze started in the US as a thank you for coming to the party.  The trouble is, not many of us can afford to go to the lengths that some do with Tiffany necklaces having been rumoured as a gift for the super rich to indulge any child lucky enough to have been invited.  What the parents of the lucky recipient thought of giving a child such an expensive gift isn’t documented but surely this is one-upmanship taken to the extreme.  On a more down to earth budget of say £10 each bag, this still works out at £100 per party if you invite 10 friends, which for many families, especially if you have more than one child, just stretches the budget too far especially at an expensive time of year.  Party food, an entertainer, costumes (if the party if themed), venue if you are not holding the event at home and not too mention the birthday presents – well, it all adds up.

We have put together a few ideas which won’t stretch the budget too far, most with a traditional feel.

Clown Whistle  £11.50 for a pack of 5

Colourful slide whistles which won’t make you cover your ears with a shrill sound.  Whistles are a traditional favourite.

Hand Shadow Book 2.25 each


You are sure to impress when you can make magic shadow pictures on the wall

Jacobs Ladder £2.99 each

A fascinating traditional toy with an interesting history, although its origin is unknown.  One of the few toys allowed on Sunday by Puritans in colonial America

Magic Drawing Sketch Pad £9.00 for a pack of six

Another traditional favourite, a handheld screen with a plastic stylus which is used to write draw or just scribble.  Pull the card tab and the screen is wiped clean and ready to use again.

Mini Construction Kit £2.99 each

Pre-cut wooden pieces which are ready to assemble and paint.  Most suited to older children 8 years + without supervision.

Paper Lazer Party Bag Selection £12.00 for a pack of 12

Great fun and totally addictive but so simple, coiled paper that flicks out and retracts again and again.